Four Walls

Bespoke Home automation, Property Management & Development


Our Services fall into three main categories:

Bespoke Property Development and Management

In addition to our Bespoke Automation service detailed above we also purchase and develop intelligent homes for rental

  • Get in touch if you are looking to rent an intelligent automated home
  • We are always looking for new residential plots in the E14, SE16 and Kent areas of the UK to purchase for development.
  • We welcome developers and builders who would like to partner with us to produce a modern automated, intelligent and integrated home.

Custom Product or Software Development

This year we have started building our own devices and software add-ons to enhance leading home automation system. We will build customised facilities and intelligent devices for some of our customers project which we can then offer to other customers.  Working with development companies, colleges and exceptional individuals we have bought together a motivated, capable team looking for their next challenge.

  • Cant find that really useful device you want/need in your home or some software that does what you want to enhance you home life? Let us know what your searching for and we tell you if we have it, are working on it or can build it. 

Intelligent Home Automation Projects

We know how to make your home clever and automated. 

Typical service phases elements

  • Consultation 

This initial meeting to discuss your requirements for rescuing a project already started or exploring a new requirement. typically involves defining the desired outcomes, design planning, concept validation (art of the possible) and prioritisation of all project elements. 

  • written brief and proposal
  • Product, technology & material selection

We provide a shopping list of all the options and elements of a project along with our recommendations.

  • Alternate options and ideas

We will highlight various option at different price points along with their pros and cons.

  • Implementation, training and handover
  • End-to-end project management
  • Finishing Touches

There are always extras that get identified during a project and all these need to be successfully addressed before we can all feel the project if complete and everyone signs off. finally a check list sign off and documentation/training handover.